what we do for you

transport and logistics :

TLC offers you reliable, powerful services and solutions for all kinds of transports.

From worldwide collection, handling to delivery: we take care for the whole transport.

We use all means of transport: trucks, railway, barges and vessels.

Due to a close network with many trimodal-working harbours your goods will reach your customers safely and quick.
Through all stages oft he supply-chain: you`ll always know where your goods are, real-time.
In many harbours we can organise short- or longterm storage for your just-in-time needs of bulk goods.
With our own fleet of tipper -trucks we move more than 1.200.000 tons of bulk-goods.

Therfore we use alloy and steel-tippers from 30 to 45 m³, walkingfloor-trailers and boxed-trucks.
TLC owns a fleet of 20` and 30` containers for bulky, tiltable goods and also hundreds  of containers for liquids.
Other fields of our business  are waste-transports (certified and with registrations  for many European coutries),
logistics between inland harbours, warehousing and wholesaling of bulk building-materials.

In collaboration with the harbours of Magdeburg and Braunschweig we transport more than 120.000 TEU a year using our own container-chassis 20`- 45` (30 x) and our own tilt-chassis 20`- 30`.